My name is Maya Devi Lochun
I have already mentioned a brief about me. Over here you willsee what are my main aims and goals.

There are many materials and communication I have used throughout my Art journey.
I do believe I am a self taught artist but have improved and gained more knowlegde throughout my study and experience.

It has taken me a long time to realise that Art is not only a hobby, passion or skill but a journey to a professional career,  which is why my journey has started now.
Using this has made me gain confidence in what I do and enjoy doing.

My work is taken very seriously as I have an eye for detail.
I would say I am an aspiring artist working through my journey showing what is important to me.
The honest truth about me, is that I am not very good with words but pictures. Visual learner is what I am. So I believe you will know more about me through my art that I create using my imagination and things around that inspires me.